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Season 9, Fall 2017 Show Schedule

Episode 1, week of June 26. New Mexico Elk – Allan Rovig

Episode 2, week of July 3. Lamar's 184" giant from the Johnson Ranch

Episode 3, week of July 10. Late Season Muzzleloader Iowa Whitetails

Episode 4, week of July 17. Seth's 191" giant from the Johnson Ranch in Central Texas

Episode 5, week of July 24. Two Giants from Panther Hollow Whitetails in South Texas

Episode 6, week of July 31. Nebraska Whitetails with Allan Rovig

Episode 7, week of August 7. Seth and Lamar hunt the Four Seasons Ranch in South Texas

Episode 8, week of August 14. Jonathan Spruell hunts the Johnson Ranch for big 10 point

Episode 9, week of August 21. Seth and Russell hunt whitetails at Chapel Hill Plantation in Alabama

Episode 10, week of August 28. Lamar takes a much deserving police officer on a give-back hunt to Blue Rock Outfitters in Montana

Episode 11, week of Sept 4. Lamar visits the Hart Rifle Barrel facility in upstate New York

Episode 12, week of Sept 11. Alton Paris of Chupacabra Rub hunts the Johnson Ranch

Episode 13, week of Sept 18. Allan and Denise Rovig hunt South Texas

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