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Brian Zaitz
Brush Country Monsters!
Utter those three words to a whitetail hunter and watch as they leave reality and go to the brush or woods in their minds. Their mind’s eye has placed them where the big bucks live and breathe. Their re-occurring dream has locked them onto a rutting mossback that has come hell-bent, charging and snorting to the rattling of the horns. They are there; watching, seeing and living what they have so often fantasized. They can feel the biting cold and can see the steam pumping from the flared nostrils. There’s that fury in the monster’s eyes. His neck is swollen to the point of bursting, and those horns; that rack is nothing short of magnificent!

All that emotion set off by only three words; Brush Country Monsters.

Once you have hunted South Texas, you are hooked by the uniqueness of the habitat and the monster whitetail that live here. We’d love to bring you here time-and-time again as a fan and viewer of our new outdoor show, Brush Country Monsters.

It makes no difference if you live in the Great Northwest, the Northeast, the Southeast or in the Northern Plains; when you think of big whitetails you can’t keep from thinking of the South Texas Brush Country.

Pama nd JB

Our show will deliver what all whitetail hunters dream of, and more. Not only will the show harvest some huge whitetails we’ll show you how those monsters came to be. Through tried and true practices and scientific research, there is a lot more to know about creating a herd of big bucks than most hunters realize. For instance, coexisting in the brush with cattle is a key ingredient to raising monster whitetail. You’ll see how one South Texas cattle ranch, the Novillos, has honed cattle and big buck production to a fine art during the last 14 years.

The Novillos Ranch has become the premiere free-range, trophy-whitetail hunting ranch in all of Texas. You will be amazed at the quality of the herd on the Novillos Ranch, and the beautiful monsters it produces consistently.

Managing a herd is a full time job and every aspect of managing a trophy caliber hunting ranch, from grounding to harvest, will be delivered to the viewer with each show. It could be harvesting deer for management reasons, planting a food plot or maybe supplemental feeding during a drought. Viewers will be introduced to some how’s, what’s and why’s of deer herd production; all methods utilized by the highly successful Novillos Ranch.

Texas sometimes gets a bad rap with those “high-fenced, canned-hunts”. We say to each his own. However, on the Novillos, don’t look for either of those practices. Brush Country Monsters will be a true, free-range hunting show with a personality all it’s own. From the professional- to the rookie-hunter, from blue-collar to white-collar, all hunters will be able to relate to the host and the hunters on each episode.

Not every deer harvested will be of Boone and Crockett caliber. That’s not the way it works in real-life, successful herd management or on the Bush Country Monsters show. Be kind of hard to produce a great herd if you kept shooting the big cruisers, wouldn’t it?

Included in our programming will be exciting footage of other hunting venues and game. Brush Country Monsters episodes will showcase mule deer, antelope and turkey and others for your viewing pleasure. We will do our best to both entertain and educate viewers.

We hope you will come along with us on Brush Country Monsters. We want you to join us in the brush of South Texas, North America and the world around us.

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